“Being a smaller company, I’m able to be more flexible. Because I make the decisions, I can do what is right by the client.” ~ Ray Bernot, CEO

CEO Ray Bernot has worked in the telecom industry since 1994 and started his own company in 1999. He ensures that Liberty Technologies provides tailored solutions for each client by directly servicing the client, not the communications companies he partners with.

Though Ray works alone, he has teams of experts from each carrier at his fingertips. These teams work specifically with Liberty Technologies through their carrier company. As CEO of Liberty Technologies, Ray does the legwork for each client — price comparisons, proposals and detailed explanations to help each client make the best, informed decisions. Additionally, he ensures each part of the tailored solution can work together to successfully meet the needs of the client. With his established relationships with multiple carriers, Ray is able to easily crosscheck available resources and solutions and take the guesswork out of decision making for each client.

At Liberty Technologies, customer service is the single most important aspect. Caring for prospective and existing clients is the top priority. Ray stays current on client needs and concerns and is ready to handle any issues that may arise.

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